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"If This Goes On..." (Part 2). 1940
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Record Number: 51180
"If This Goes On..."
(Part 2 of 2)

by Robert A. Heinlein
published in:
Astounding Science-Fiction
Edited by John W. Campbell.
March 1940. Vol.XXV, No.1.
Street & Smith Publications.
New York.
Cover illustration by Gilmore.
164 pages.
Price: $0.20.

"If This Goes On...", a two-part Future History serial by Robert A. Heinlein, can be found on pages 117-151.

The text includes illustrations by Hubert Rogers on pages 117, 122, 125 and 129.

A British edition of this issue was also published, but it does not include Heinlein's serial.

Revised and expanded before being reprinted.

  • Revolt in 2100 (1953)
  • The Past Through Tomorrow (1967)
  • Ordeal in Space (1989)
  • The Future History of Robert Heinlein: Volume II (2010)
Introductory Blurb
The second NOVA story Astounding has offered — a story so exceptional in its presentation, so powerful and logical, that it wins the rare NOVA designation!

Concluding one of science-fiction’s strongest novels — a tale of dictatorship in America, hiding behind the mask of a false cult. The logical and inevitable aim of perfected dictatorship and perfected propaganda: dictatorship that is itself a false religion!

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