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The Future History of Robert Heinlein: Volume I. 2010
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Record Number: 52120
The Future History of Robert Heinlein: Volume I. 2010 The Future History of Robert Heinlein: Volume I
by Robert A. Heinlein
Collector's Edition 2010.
The Virginia Edition - Volume XXII.
The Virginia Edition Publishing Company.
ISBN 9781897350331.
Leather-bound hardback.
Cover illustrator: N/A.
x+xii+508 pages.
Price: $1500 for the complete 46 volume Virginia Edition.
Individual volumes not available separately.

A numbered, limited edition of 2000 copies.

The Future History of Robert Heinlein: Volume I, a collection of Future History fiction by Robert A. Heinlein. This volume was created specifically for the Virginia Edition.

  • Life-Line
  • "Let There Be Light" [Slightly bowdlerized version]
  • The Roads Must Roll
  • Blowups Happen
  • Excursus
  • The Man Who Sold the Moon
  • Delilah and the Space-Rigger
  • Space Jockey
  • Requiem
  • The Long Watch
  • Gentlemen, Be Seated
  • The Black Pits of Luna
  • "It's Great to Be Back!"
  • Searchlight
  • Ordeal in Space
  • The Green Hills of Earth
  • Logic of Empire
  • The Menace from Earth
Also includes three versions of the Future History timeline chart.
  • Manuscript version (circa 1939)
  • Astounding Science Fiction version (1941)
  • The Man Who Sold the Moon version (1950)

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