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The Island of Fear. 1954
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Record Number: 15120
The Island of Fear. 1954 The Island of Fear
by Patrick Moore
First Edition 1954.
Museum Press.
Hardback in dust jacket.
Cover illustration by Patricia Cullen.
192 pages.
Price: 7s.6d.

A Grenfell and Wright novel.

Publisher’s Blurb – Dust Jacket Flap
Once again, Jock and Noel - the heroes of Master of the Moon - are involved in a weird and thrilling adventure with their two scientist friends. This time they set out in a new type of airship, bound for an uncharted island near the North Pole. Only when they arrive there do they realise that they have been lured into a trap by Kammenberg, an enemy scientist. Their hopes of escaping alive seem remote when they discover that they have not only Kammenberg to face, but also the fearsome inhabitants - animal and human - of the island itself.

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