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Drowning World. 2003
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Record Number: 81360
Drowning World. 2003 Drowning World
by Alan Dean Foster
First Edition 2003.
Del Rey / Ballantine Books.
New York.
ISBN 0345450353.
Hardback in dust jacket.
Cover illustration by Mark Harrison.
296 pages.
Price: $23.95.

A Humanx Commonwealth novel.

Chronological Reading Order: #14.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the third printing of the 2003 Del Rey/Ballantine paperback edition, ISBN 0345450361. Cover illustration by Mark Harrison.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
"A FAST, FUN READ FOR FANS OF FOSTER’S FANTASTIC ALIEN WORLDS... Driven by political intrigue and wilderness adventure, this is SF of noble vintage." —Booklist

Fluva, the Drowning World, is a rain-drenched planet on the fringes of the Commonwealth whose indigenous species, the warlike Sakuntala, and its immigrant species, the hardworking Deyzara, stand on the brink of civil war. The wettest place on Fluva is Viisiiviisii, an immense jungle thriving with exotic plants and deadly predators. Endless rains have made the jungle a treasure trove of rare and valuable botanicals. A man can get rich there. Or die trying.

Bio-prospector Shadrach Hasselemoga has come to seek his fortune—if he survives the terrain once his sabotaged ship goes down. When a Sakuntala and a Deyzara are dispatched to rescue the unfortunate soul, their ship crashes, too. Now, in order to survive, the three unlikely allies must do something that no one has ever done before: escape the Viisiiviisii before it consumes them….

"[A] rousing SF adventure packed with action, intriguing human and alien characters, and a message of strength through diversity." —Library Journal

"Sure fire entertainment... The author's mastery of his exotic setting cannot be denied." —Publishers Weekly

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