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Choice of Weapons. 1966. Paperback/Magazine
Choice of Weapons. 1966
To The War Is Gone. 1966. Paperback/Magazine
To The War Is Gone. 1966
The Fifth Columbiad. 1967. Paperback/Magazine
The Fifth Columbiad. 1967
Crown of Stars. 1966. Paperback/Magazine
Crown of Stars. 1966
The Big Tin God. 1967. Paperback/Magazine
The Big Tin God. 1967

"Let There Be Light". 1940
The Last Theorem. 2008. Hardback in dust jacket
The Last Theorem. 2008
Tod den Unsterblichen. 1972. Paperback
Tod den Unsterblichen. 1972
Die Zeit der Katzenpfoten. 1972. Paperback
Die Zeit der Katzenpfoten. 1972
Signale. 1975. Paperback
Signale. 1975
In the Problem Pit. 1976. Paperback
In the Problem Pit. 1976
Critical Mass. 1977. Paperback
Critical Mass. 1977


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