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The Moon Raiders. 1978
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Record Number: 15520
The Moon Raiders. 1978 The Moon Raiders
by Patrick Moore
First Edition 1978.
ISBN 0006913792.
Cover illustration by Peter Elson.
128 pages.
Price: £0.50.

A Scott Saunders novel.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover

Beneath the ferry-rocket, the lunar landscape was wilder and more unfriendly than Scott had expected. Vale pointed. “There’s the Base. Looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?”

Scott stared down at the domed structure. He could see no signs of activity. Then there was a burst of light from below - and the ferry gave a violent lurch.

“Don’t look!” yelled Vale. “You’ll blind yourself! They’re trying to shoot us down!”

Have scientists at Lunar Base Three, on the far side of the Moon, invented a lethal 'death-ray’ that could destroy the Earth? Scott Saunders is sent to investigate and discovers the terrifying truth...

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