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Nebula - Issue 38 - American versionSometimes the collector in me will out, come what may.
Nebula Science Fiction magazine is a case in point. I started tracking down copies as part of my Philip E. High collection. There I also found stories by familiar author's such as Robert Silverberg, Brian Aldiss, Bob Shaw and John Brunner along with more from new (to me) authors like E.C. Tubb, Kenneth Bulmer and Eric Frank Russell.

The cover artwork was especially distinctive to this child of the seventies and eighties and harks back to a time and style unfamiliar to one who learned what a spaceship looked like from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. A familiar name cropped up here too - Eddie Jones - known to me for his Venture Science Fiction covers - contributed cover illustrations to three issues of Nebula. his style had changed in the intervening thirty years, but his passion for science fiction shines through.

Later, even though I had located copies of all of the Philip E. High Nebula stories, the fact that I had a good selection of issues, but not a complete set, got my collecting juices flowing and the hunt was on. There was no hurry, so I didn't pay more than a few pounds per issue. Eventually, I managed to complete the set and here they are in all their 1950s glory.

Nebula Science Fiction was the brainchild of Peter Hamilton Jr. His parents ran a printing company in Glasgow and were persuaded by their son that they should print and publish science fiction novels to utilize spare capacity on their machines. A local wholesaler advised that a regularly published magazine would be more likely to achieve better sales, so Peter was installed as editor and Issue 1 was published in Autumn 1952.

For much of its life publication of Nebula was somewhat irregular, even when Hamilton himself became publisher and printing was farmed out to other print houses. A total of 41 issues were published before the magazine folded in mid-1959 due to a number of factors, including the publisher's ill-health, changing reading habits and new restrictions and costs limiting overseas markets.

A gallery of the magazine covers can be found here.
Click on an image to see details of each volume including the contents.

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Issue No. & Date Cover Artist Featured Author Other Fiction Authors
1 Autumn 1952 Alan Hunter E.R. James Peter J. Ridley, A.E. Van Vogt
2 Spring 1953 Alan Hunter F.G. Rayer Forrest J. Ackerman, K. Houston Brunner, E.C. Tubb
3 Summer 1953 Bob Clothier E.C. Tubb Charles Beaumont, H.J. Campbell, David S. Gardner, Michael Hervey, William F. Temple
4 Autumn 1953 Bob Clothier Sydney J. Bounds Paul Enever, Peter J. Ridley, Eric Frank Russell, William F. Temple, E.C. Tubb
5 September 1953 Ken McIntyre E.C. Tubb Forrest J. Ackerman, J.T. McIntosh, Ross Rocklynne, William F. Temple
6 December 1953 G.H. Irwin F.G. Rayer J.T. McIntosh, L. Major Reynolds, Eric Frank Russell, Tony C. Thorne, E.C. Tubb
7 February 1954 Bob Clothier William F. Temple H.J. Campbell, David S. Gardner, J.T. McIntosh, Charles Eric Maine, Robert Silverberg, E.C. Tubb
8 April 1954 Ken McIntyre E.R. James Sydney J. Bounds, Kenneth Potter, Eric Frank Russell, E.C. Tubb
9 August 1954 Bob Clothier E.C. Tubb Robert A. Heinlein, Dan Morgan, Bob Shaw, James White, Lan Wright
10 October 1954 Bob Clothier Sydney J. Bounds Richard P. Ennis, Charles E. Fritch, Geoffrey Humphrys, Robert Donald Locke, E.C. Tubb
11 December 1954 James Rattigan E.C. Tubb John Christopher, Charles Eric Maine, Cyril Myrescough, Eric Frank Russell, Bob Shaw, Harry Warner Jr
12 April 1954 Bob Clothier E.R. James Brian W. Aldiss, Jonathan Burke, David S. Gardner, Robert A. Heinlein, Bob Shaw
13 September 1954 James Rattigan F.G. Rayer William F. Temple, E.C. Tubb, Lan Wright
14 November 1954 Ken McIntyre Kenneth Bulmer Sydney J. Bounds, Eric Frank Russell, Mark Trent, E.C. Tubb, James White
15 January 1955 James Stark E.C. Tubb Robert A. Heinlein, David Irish, Christopher Lyster, Bob Shaw, James White
16 March 1956 James Rattigan Sydney J. Bounds E.R. James, John Seabright, Bob Shaw, Robert Silverberg, E.C. Tubb
17 July 1956 James Stark Kenneth Bulmer John Brunner, Philip E. High, Eric Frank Russell, Arthur Sellings, E.C. Tubb
18 November 1956 James Stark E.C. Tubb Brian W. Aldiss, John Brunner, Dan Morgan, Arthur Sellings, William F. Temple
19 December 1956 James Stark John Brunner Kenneth Bulmer, Brian W. Aldiss, Len Shaw, William F. Temple, Philip E. High, Robert Presslie
20 March 1957 James Rattigan F.G. Rayer John Ashcroft, D.M. Schneider, William F. Temple, E.C. Tubb
21 May 1957 James Stark Eric Frank Russell Brian W. Aldiss, John Brunner, A. Bertram Chandler, Lan Wright
22 July 1957 James Stark H. Philip Stratford Stuart Allen, A. Bertram Chandler, E.R. James, P.J. Ridley, William F. Temple, Lan Wright
23 August 1957 James Stark William F. Temple A. Bertram Chandler, Philip E. High, L. Major Reynolds, H. Philip Stratford, E.C. Tubb, Lan Wright
24 September 1957 James Rattigan Lan Wright Kenneth Bulmer, A. Bertram Chandler, Philip E. High, Kris Neville, E.C. Tubb
25 October 1957 K. T. McIntyre Kenneth Bulmer J. S. Glasby, Edward Ludwig, Robert Presslie, William F. Temple, Robert J. Tilley
26 January 1958 James Stark Eric Frank Russell Brian W. Aldiss, Philip E. High, Robert J. Tilley, E.C. Tubb
27 February 1958 D. McKeown Kenneth Bulmer John Brunner, Jonathan Burke, Philip E. High, W.T. Webb
28 March 1958 James Rattigan E.C. Tubb Stuart Allen, Philip E. High, Robert Presslie, Robert Silverberg, Robert J. Tilley
29 April 1958 Gerard Quinn Robert Presslie Kenneth Bulmer, A. Bertram Chandler, John Kippax, Robert Silverberg
30 May 1958 D. McKeown Brian W. Aldiss Harlan Ellison, E.R. James, Donald Malcolm, Eric Frank Russell, H. Philip Stratford, E.C. Tubb
31 June 1958 D. McKeown William F. Temple Brian W. Aldiss, Peter J. Ridley, Robert Silverberg, E.C. Tubb
32 July 1958 James Stark Kenneth Bulmer William Aitken, Brian W. Aldiss, A. Bertram Chandler, Mark Patrick, W.T. Webb, E.C. Tubb
33 August 1958 Kenneth Barr E.C. Tubb Stuart Allen, Kenneth Bulmer, N.K. Hemming, Robert Lloyd, Clifford C. Reed
34 September 1958 Gerard Quinn Brian W. Aldiss Kenneth Bulmer, James Inglis, E.R. James, Robert Presslie, H. Philip Stratford
35 October 1958 Kenneth Barr E.C. Tubb Kenneth Bulmer, Eric Frank Russell, William F. Temple, James White
36 November 1958 Eddie Jones Dan Morgan Brian W. Aldiss, Stuart Allen, John Kippax, E.C. Tubb
37 December 1958 Gerard Quinn Philip E. High E.R. James, John Kippax, Robert Presslie, Mark Patrick, Robert Silverberg
38 January 1959 Eddie Jones Philip E. High Brian W. Aldiss, John Diamond, Donald Franson, E.R. James, Robert Silverberg, H. Philip Stratford
39 February 1959 D. McKeown Robert Presslie Brian W. Aldiss, Kenneth Bulmer, Philip E. High, Mark Patrick, Robert Silverberg
40 May 1959 Eddie Jones William F. Temple Philip E. High, James Inglis, Nigel Jackson, T.B. Swann
41 June 1959 Kenneth Barr Brian W. Aldiss Philip E. High, John Rackham, Bob Shaw, H. Philip Stratford, W.T. Webb

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