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The Sky Is Filled With Ships. 1969
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Back to previous page Record Number: 11220
The Sky Is Filled With Ships. 1969 The Sky Is Filled With Ships
by Richard C. Meredith
First Edition, First Printing 1969
Ballantine Books
New York
Publisher Code: 345-01600-075
Cover illustration by Jerome Podwil
vi, 186 pages
Price: $0.75

The Sky Is Filled With Ships, a novel by Richard C. Meredith.

Published in May 1969.

Two variants seen, one printed in the United States and the other in Canada. They appear to be identical in all other respects.

To my wife, Joy

Blurb – Lower Cover
Starship Captain Robert L. Janas had only one loyalty – to the firm he worked for – the Stellar Trading Company. And with good reason, for STC was not just a merchant corporation.

For 1200 years the vast complex of companies that called itself STC had maintained contact between Earth and the multifarious worlds peopled with its colonies, giving help, support, financing and protection whenever and wherever these were needed, without regard to politics.

Inevitably, and precisely because it was neutral, STC had come to play a powerful role in intergalactic affairs – more powerful, indeed, than Earth itself.

Now that neutrality was threatened – from within the firm.

And Janas knew they would all be destroyed in the holocaust.

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