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Marauders of Gor. 1976
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Back to previous page Record Number: 18390
Marauders of Gor. 1976 Marauders of Gor
by John Norman
Tandem Science Fantasy Edition, First Printing 1976
Tandem Publishing
SBN 42617531X
Cover illustration by Gerald Wood
352 pages
Price: £0.60

Part 9 of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth series.

Publisher’s Blurb
Alien beings confront Tarl Cabot, defender of two worlds, in a deadly challenge

Volume nine of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth

I had been Tarl Cabot, one of the few who knew the true nature of the Priest-Kings, who had ventured through the delta of the Vosk to make contact with Samos of Port Kar, agent of the Priest-Kings, to continue in their service.

But Tarl Cabot had betrayed his code, had chosen ignominious slavery to the freedom of honourable death. He had sullied the sword which he had pledged to Ko-Ro-Ba's Home Stone. In that moment of surrender, Tarl Cabot had gone and in his place knelt a slave contemptuously called Bosk. Yet Bosk had earned riches and fame and the title of Admiral of Port Kar, had saved Marlenus of Ar, Ubar of Ubars, from the degradation of slavery. But he could not recover the honour which he had lost in the delta of the Vosk.

Now there was work to be done in the North. To me, Tarl Cabot or Bosk of Port Kar, belonged the vengeance!

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