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We All Died At Breakaway Station. 1969
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Back to previous page Record Number: 11240
We All Died At Breakaway Station. 1969 We All Died At Breakaway Station
by Richard C. Meredith
First Edition, First Printing 1969
Ballantine Books
New York
Publisher Code: 345-01764-075
Cover illustration by John Berkey
viii, 248 pages
Price: $0.75

We All Died At Breakaway Station, a novel by Richard C. Meredith.

Published in November 1969.

A shorter version of this story was published in the January 1969 and March 1969 issues of Amazing Stories.

To Kira, Jeff, Derek and Rand, who will understand someday
and to Joy who suffered the destruction of
Breakaway Station not once, but a thousand times

Blurb – Lower Cover
The Officers of the Iwo Jima:
Captain Absolom Bracer, with, among other things, an artificial brainpan and synthetic eyes; Astrogation Officer Gene O'Gwynn, a lady with a plastic face; Weapons Officer Akin Darby and Communications Officer Miss Cyanta – both with assorted prosthetic parts –

And of the Pharsalus:
A repetition, with variations, of the crew of her sister ship. These two heavy battle-cruiser starships were, in theory, protecting the cumbersome, vast Rudoph Cragstone, hospital ship returning to Earth with thousands of wounded in 'cold-sleep'.

The brutally injured officers had been restored to temporary, artificial life to do this job because no whole man or woman could be spared.

And then Breakaway Station, a focal and vital link with Earth, was threatened . . .

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