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Tribesmen of Gor. 1977
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Back to previous page Record Number: 18500
Tribesmen of Gor. 1977 Tribesmen of Gor
by John Norman
Tandem Edition, First Printing 1977
Tandem Publishing
ISBN 0426181476
Cover illustration by Fred Gambino?
384 pages
Price: £0.95

Part 10 of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth series.

Reissued by Star in 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1985, all with the same cover.

Publisher’s Blurb - Lower Cover
The Others were on the move! The Priest-Kings had received a message: "Surrender Gor!" The date had been set for conquest or destruction.

Tarl Cabot could not linger in Port Kar -- now he must act on behalf of the Priest-Kings, on behalf of Gor, and on behalf of Gor's teeming, unsuspected twin world known as Earth.

Evidence pointed to the great wasteland of the Tahari, known only to the clannish militant tribes of desert wanderers. There Tarl Cabot must go. There among the feuds, along the trails of slavers, beyond the forbidding salt mines to a rendezvous with treachery, with a woman warlord, with a bandit chief, and with the monster intelligences from the worlds of steel.

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