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Fighting Slave of Gor. 1981
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Back to previous page Record Number: 18540
Fighting Slave of Gor. 1981 Fighting Slave of Gor
by John Norman
Star Edition, First Printing 1981
W.H. Allen & Co.
ISBN 0352308389
Cover illustration by Robin Hiddon
384 pages
Price: £1.95

Part 14 of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth series.

Reprinted in hardback by W.H. Allen in 1982 and in paperback by Star in 1984, both with the same cover.

Publisher’s Blurb - Lower Cover
Enter the turbulent and barbarous realms of Gor, Earth's dark twin planet, alien domain of Masters, Mistresses and slaves, governed by the ruthless whims of a corrupt aristocracy. A society in which captive slaves are used as nameless fighting toys in the brutal entertainments of their rulers.

Into this world is thrown Jason Marshall, the first male of Earth to be brought to Gor as a slave. He is swiftly and harshly trained as a kajirus, a warrior slave bound to serve the magnificent ruling caste of Gor. As silk-slave and gladiator to the Lady Florence of Vonda, he proves his worth, fighting for her honour, his freedom, and for the dark-haired slave of Oneander of Var.

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