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Vagabonds of Gor. 1987
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Back to previous page Record Number: 18640
Vagabonds of Gor. 1987 Vagabonds of Gor
by John Norman
Star Edition, First Printing 1987
W.H. Allen & Co.
ISBN 0352320923
Cover illustration by Ken W. Kelly
496 pages
Price: £3.95

Part 24 of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth series.

Publisher’s Blurb - Lower Cover
Cabot and young Marcus are in the camp of the Cosians; not as guests, but as spies, to ascertain their movements and lines of march. The formidable forces of Ar have gathered in the north and the great river lies to the south, effectively trapping the Cosians.

Their march, however, appears to be taking them towards the vast, treacherous delta of the Vosk. Should they enter the delta there seems little doubt that the forces of Ar will pursue them. But who knows which army will survive in these harsh and barren conditions. Indeed, who knows if these two armies will ever find each other in this vast, unmapped, shifting world...

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