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A Time of Ghosts. 1987
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Back to previous page Record Number: 16122
A Time of Ghosts. 1987 Raven 2:
A Time of Ghosts

by Robert Holdstock
and Angus Wells

writing as
Richard Kirk
1st American Edition 1987
Ace Books
New York
ISBN 0441705618
Cover illustration by Luis Royo
viii+200 pages
Price: $2.95

A Time of Ghosts, a novel by Robert Holdstock and Angus Wells writing as Richard Kirk.

Part 2 of the Raven series.

Publisher's Blurb - Lower Cover

Out of the bonds of slavery arose a beautiful warrior . . . Feared across the land, her blade was stained with the blood of thousands . . .


Accompanied by her mysterious teacher, Spellbinder, she was invincible. Together they would face the savage butchery of battle and the gathering forces of evil.


The lovely Krya, wife of Kahrsaam's ruler, has been abducted. Held captive in a strange and distant land, Raven and Spellbinder are her only hope. But they must withstand the forces of a powerful new evil and conquer the wrath of an old enemy -- the dark sorcerer Belthis. As swords clash in fearsome battle, Belthis leads them deep into the frozen regions of the North, where his magic holds rule . . . even over the dead.


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