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The Prodigal Sun. 1964
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Back to previous page Record Number: 32040
The Prodigal Sun. 1964 The Prodigal Sun
by Philip E. High
First Edition, First Printing 1964
Ace Books
New York
Publisher Code: F-255
Cover illustrator unknown
192 pages
Price: $0.40

The Prodigal Sun, a novel by Philip E. High.

Publication date unknown.

Blurb – Lower Cover
Foster child of the Mattrain – planet of supermen – Duncan returned to Earth, his birthplace, only to meet suspicion, hostility and hatred. Upon arrival, he was engulfed by an angry populace who, fearing that he was a spy, welcomed him with jeers and signs saying, ALIEN GO HOME!

To Duncan this reception was not unexpected. He had come, not for his pleasure, but for a purpose – his was a mission on whose success hinged the existence of the whole human race.

Blurb – Page One
They Wanted His Secrets But Feared His Presents

To some, Peter Duncan was the symbol of all hope; to others, he was a baleful cancer thriving on the minds of men. By birth, he was an Earthman; by environment, he belonged to a far more advanced world. Since infancy, Duncan had been reared by the super-intelligent creatures of the planet Mattrain.

After thirty years, at a time when Earth was wallowing in the devastation left by interplanetary war, Duncan returned to his birthplace. Earth had won the war, but the victory was far from sweet. Whole continents were strewn with the wreckage of cities; the world government was in the hands of a few cynical, ruthless men, and the population, though bitter, was too worn out to care.

Duncan took it all in and smiled. On Mattrain, he had been an intelligent plaything; on Earth, he was a superman. The people loved him and they feared him, but to no one would he tell the reason he had returned to the rubble that was Earth.

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