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No Truce with Terra. 1964
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Back to previous page Record Number: 32060
No Truce with Terra. 1964 No Truce with Terra
by Philip E. High
First Edition, First Printing 1964
Ace Books
New York
Publisher Code: F-275
Cover illustration by Ed Emshwiller
111, 145 pages
Price: $0.40

No Truce With Terra, a novel by Philip E. High.

Publication date unknown.

Page 5 includes an illustration by an uncredited artist, possibly Ed Emshwiller or Jack Gaughan.

This volume is an omnibus in the Ace Double series. It also includes The Duplicators by Murray Leinster.

Blurb – Page One
From: The Shaldron Race
To: The Human Race
Your presence on this planet has been noted and the reason for your visit analyzed by our instruments. . . . We have, therefore, taken the liberty of selecting one of your party for first contact, one whom we feel is best suited to grasp the motivations of both our races and arrange for future group contacts.

Peter Collard stared at the message with a cold feeling of foreboding. He felt pity for the poor devil.
“Who is this selected contact?”
“Ah now.” Dyson became suddenly interested in the papers on the table. “Well, I’m sorry and all that, but, as a matter of fact, they want you.”

Blurb – Page Two
Philip E. High is an Englishman residing at Canterbury in Kent. Like most writers, he held many different jobs before finding just the one that was right in order to become an author. But in spite of – or perhaps because of the experiences of a rolling stone – he has managed to make his mark as a storyteller.

His stories have been appearing in the magazines recently and No Truce With Terra is the second novel of his to appear in book form – his first, The Prodigal Sun, was also an Ace Book (F-255).

He says. “Good science-fiction needs no explanation. The mainspring of our work is ‘what-would-happen-if-?’ We are, in effect, reporters of a possible future, and, as reporters it is our business to write the story.”

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