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Vestiges of Time. 1978
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Vestiges of Time. 1978 Vestiges of Time
by Richard C. Meredith
First Edition, First Printing 1978
Doubleday & Company
New York
ISBN 0385131747
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Margo Herr
vi, 186 pages
Price: $6.95

Vestiges of Time, a novel by Richard C. Meredith – Part Three of The Timeliner Trilogy.

Publication date unknown.

For Joe and Nita Green, whose hospitality made it possible for many of us to witness Apollo.

Blurb – Dust Jacket Flaps
In his travels through the Lines of Time, Eric Mathers had learned that a little dabbling in the past could dramatically change the structure of historic possibility. He knew that groups of aliens were now frantically competing to create a past that would ensure their survival in the future – and that a dazzling array of parallel worlds had been created in the process.

With the assistance of a mysterious figure known only as the Shadowy Man, he travels to one of those parallel worlds in the hope of finding a “time machine2 to help him answer the question WHY: Why this desperate race to alter the shape of the future?

In exchange for his time machine, Mathers agrees to become the general of an unusual army – 337 exact replicas of himself programmed to respond to his every desire. It was an awesome power and an awesome responsibility.

But the Shadowy Man has seen the future and knows that Eric Mathers is about to be destroyed – unless his most promising “offspring”, the Shadowy Man himself, can survive long enough to be born!

But for a total lack of a mathematical aptitude, Richard C. Meredith would have been an astronomer. Instead he went on to become a reporter for Galaxy magazine, covering the flight of Apollo 11, man’s first trip to the moon. He is also the author of previous works of science fiction – The Sky Is Filled With Ships, We All Died At Breakaway Station, and At The Narrow Passage.

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