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Twin Planets. 1967
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Back to previous page Record Number: 32340
Twin Planets. 1967 Twin Planets
by Philip E. High
First Edition, First Printing 1967
Paperback Library
New York
Publisher Code: 52-392
Cover illustration by Howard Koslow
160 pages
Price: $0.50

Twin Planets, a novel by Philip E. High.

Published in January 1967.

Text printed in the United States. Cover printed in Canada.

Blurb – Lower Cover
Earth and Firma were mirror worlds. Because they were on a single time-track, Earth was destined to repeat the dangerous history of Firma – which had been stopped in its rotation around the sun by Aliens.

Denning and Liston were twin humans, biogenetic supermen with a single mission: to get Firma moving on its axis again and destroy its Alien conquerors. Though Firma was Liston’s universe, Denning had to aid him, or Earth, too, would one day be burned to a cinder by the heat of the sun.

Blurb – Page One
Denning and Liston, super-genetic doubles, must dislodge their worlds from a time-track to destruction.

Earth and Firma were twin planets – mirror worlds on a single time-track. Now Firma was halted in its rotation around the sun by the Aliens. Unless Denning and Liston, twin humans, could destroy the Aliens and get Firma moving again, Earth would someday repeat Firma’s tragedy and be burned to a cinder.

The Aliens had an incredible array of weapons at their disposal. Denning and Liston had only courage and their brains.

The battle was on! Either Denning and Liston won – or all Mankind was lost!

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