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The Time Mercenaries. 1968
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Back to previous page Record Number: 32380
The Time Mercenaries. 1968 The Time Mercenaries
by Philip E. High
First Edition, First Printing 1968
Ace Books
New York
Publisher Code 1: H-59
Publisher Code 2: 020-08059-060
Cover illustration by Gray Morrow
119, 137 pages
Price: $0.60

The Time Mercenaries, a novel by Philip E. High.

Publication date unknown.

Page 5 includes an illustration by Jack Gaughan.

This volume is an omnibus in the Ace Double series. It also includes Anthropol by Louis Trimble.

Blurb – Page One
There had been one war scare too many and so the human race had used genetic sorcery to delete the aggressive tendencies from its heredity. But now mankind was faced with an alien enemy so superior, so ruthless, that it was fight or be wiped out . . . and the humans could not fight. They couldn’t even give orders to their robots to produce weapons.

The only possibility was to call up and bring back to life a museum exhibit, the submarine Euphrates and its battle-trained crew. The ship had been sunk a thousand years before and had been preserved to show the decadence of violence – violence which was the only hope against an enemy to whom living space was all-important and human life was entirely superfluous.

Blurb – Page Two
Philip E. High is an Englishman residing at Canterbury in Kent. Like most writers, he held many different jobs before finding just the one that was right in order to become an author. His stories have been appearing in the magazines, and he has said, “Good science-fiction needs no explanation. The mainspring of our work is ‘what-would-happen-if-?’ We are, in effect, reporters of a possible future, and, as reporters it is our business to write the story.”

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