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Invader On My Back. 1968
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Back to previous page Record Number: 32400
Invader On My Back. 1968 Invader On My Back
by Philip E. High
First Edition, First Printing 1968
Ace Books
New York
Publisher Code: H-85
Cover illustration by Jack Gaughan
149, 107 pages
Price: $0.60

Invader On My Back, a novel by Philip E. High.

Publication date unknown.

Page 2 includes an illustration by Jack Gaughan.

This volume is an omnibus in the Ace Double series. It also includes Destination: Saturn by David Grinnell and Lin Carter.

Blurb – Page One
What are you, stranger from a century to come?

Are you a Delink:
Tough, warped, always anti-social, impossible to trust?

Are you a Scuttler:
A seemingly nice guy who dares not go out in the daylight, who scuttles along in shadow and fears to look up?

Are you a Stinker:
The kind of person everybody else wants to kill on sight, someone they’ve got to stamp out in fury real fast?

Are you a Norm:
A guy who just wants to get along in the world, and never will with all those others around?

Or are you one of the terrible new ones – a Geek:
Who thinks the world is his oyster and that everyone else has got to be crushed . . . and maybe has the talent to so it?

Because whatever you are, you better find out why and fast – or, stranger from the future, there isn’t going to be any future for you or for us, your ancestors, either!

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