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Out into Space. 1954
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Out into Space. 1954 Out into Space
by Patrick Moore and A.L. Helm
First Edition 1954
Museum Press
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Patricia Cullen
144 pages
Price: 9s.6d

A standalone novel.

Publisher’s Blurb – Dust Jacket Flap
When Bob and Ann were told that they were to spend their Christmas holidays with Uncle Richard, an astronomer, they thought he would be a funny old man with spectacles and a long beard.

They were wrong. They soon found that he was a fascinating person, full of stories of the stars and the planets. He told them of the dead, rocky Moon; of the strange, scorched little planet Mercury; of mist-covered Venus, dusty Mars; and of the far, huge worlds, Jupiter and Saturn.

And then there was Dr. Derwent, the rocket engineer who took them in imagination on enthralling journeys in space-ships, so that the future became real and vivid for them.

This is a compelling exciting book about truth that is more adventurous than any fiction could possibly be -- the truth about the worlds of to-morrow, told by a writer who is an expert in the problems and hazards of the spaceways.


Publisher’s Blurb – Dust Jacket Lower Cover
Born in 1923, Patrick Moore has been interested in astronomy since he was seven years old, and at the age of eleven was elected to the British Astronomical Association -- an age record at that time. After service in the R.A.F. during the war, followed by some years as a schoolmaster, he settled down to full-time writing. His books on the Moon and the planets have established him as one of the most readable and provocative experts on the subject, and readers interested in Interplanetary topics look forward to his regular contributions to various popular and technical journals.

Having already published his successful story for boys, The Master of the Moon, Museum Press has recently followed it up with another exciting adventure story called The Island of Fear.

A fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Council Member of the British Astronomical Association and Secretary of its Lunar Section, and Council Member of the British Interplanetary Society, Patrick Moore writes accurately and at the same time thrillingly about the scientific questions of to-day and to-morrow, producing factual books which are as exciting as fiction, and fiction which gives a compelling picture of the facts of to-morrow.

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