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Psycho-Land. 1970
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Back to previous page Record Number: 32680
Psycho-Land. 1970 Psycho-Land
by Philip E. High
published in:
Vision of Tomorrow
Edited by Philip Harbottle
Vol.1, No.4 - January 1970
Robert E. Graham / Clifford Paul / New English Library
Yagoona / Newcastle-upon-Tyne / London
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
64 pages - Covers not included in pagination
Price: 5s

Psycho-Land, a short story by Philip E. High, can be found on pages 39-43.

The text includes an illustration by Dick Howett on page 39.

Introductory Blurb
The trees were stunted and sick, their leaves jagged, distorted and metallic.
A weird sun hung in the greenish sky.
A grim alien landscape . . . but it was right here on Earth!

Meet The Author
Philip E. High lives in Canterbury, Kent, almost within touching distance of the historic Cathedral. Although of Norfolk origin, his parents moved to Kent when he was seven and, apart from war service – Royal Navy – he has lived in Kent ever since. He is married with two small daughters, Jacqueline (12) and Beverly (6). At the age of thirteen, he read his first Science Fiction story and was ‘hooked’.

His urge to write began at the age of sixteen but it was not until many years later in 1956 that his first short story, The Statics, first appeared in the now defunct Authentic Science Fiction. “I received six guineas for it,” he confessed to our reporter. “It was one of the biggest thrills of my life. I am quite certain I walked up the wall and across the ceiling twice.”

After that, short stories followed in quick succession and in 1963 his first novel Prodigal Sun appeared in print. This was followed by No Truce with Terra, The Mad Metropolis, Reality Forbidden, These Savage Futurians, The Time Mercenaries and Invader On My Back. All published, in the first instance by Ace Books of New York.

There was one exception to this list, Twin Planets, published by The Paperback Library Inc of New York. In the UK three of his earlier novels were published in hardcover by Robert Hale Ltd. His later novels are being published by Dobson Books Ltd. Phil High tops this list with fifty-six short stories but is acutely aware of his limitations, “I am a story-teller not a literary genius,” he says.

Asked of his approach to writing a story, he said: “I ask myself what would happen if . . . ? Then if I can construct a plot to go with the subject, I try and write it up as if I were a reporter or participator on the spot. I have no grand illusions about prophecy, if some of my stories come true, it was a good guess, no more. As I have said, I am a story-teller, I liked writing it and I hope the readers enjoy reading it.”

Asked if he would like to journey into space, Phil said: “There are heroes and arm-chair heroes, I am quite content to remain in the latter category, thank you.”

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