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Thongor in the Valley of Demons. 2018
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Thongor in the Valley of Demons. 2018 Thongor in the Valley of Demons
by Robert M. Price
published in:
The Mighty Warriors
Edited by Robert M. Price
First Edition 2018
Ulthar Press
Warren, Rhode Island
ISBN 9781718999138
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Bruce Timm
240 pages
Price: $14.95

Thongor in the Valley of Demons, a Thongor novelette by Robert M. Price, based on the writings of Lin Carter, can be found on pages 52-69.

Publisher's Blurb – Lower Cover
In Robert E. Howard's Conan epic, "The Hour of the Dragon" (or Conan the Conqueror), a group of conspirators bring the ancient sorcerer Xaltotun back from the dead in a bid to usurp the throne of Conan. How we Sword-&-Sorcery fans wish we had the magic to resurrect Howard himself, not to mention other masters of the genre like Henry Kuttner and Lin Carter! Okay, we can't manage that. But you'll find our best attempt here in the anthology The Mighty Warriors! In these pages you will thrill to new adventures of the old heroes (Elak of Atlantis and Thongor of Lemuria), as well as of their swashbuckling successors (Charles L. Saunders's Imaro, Milton J. Davis's Changa, Charles Rutledge's Kharrn, Richard L. Tierney's Simon of Gitta, David C. Smith's Oron and others! So return with us now to those glorious ages before the oceans drank Atlantis!

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