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The Book of Eibon. 2002
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Back to previous page Record Number: 29015
The Book of Eibon. 2002 The Book of Eibon
by Lin Carter et al
Edited by Robert M. Price
First Edition 2002
Chaosium Inc.
Hayward, California
ISBN 1568821298
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Harry Fassl
Interior illustrations by Thomas Brown, Laurence J. Cornford (map), Jason C. Eckhardt and Joseph S. Pulver

xxiv+408 pages
Price: $17.95

The Book of Eibon, a collection of Cthulhu Mythos short fiction by Lin Carter and others.

The following are by Lin Carter unless noted otherwise:

  • The Ebony Book: Introduction to The Book of Eibon - a foreword by Robert M. Price
  • History and Chronology of The Book of Eibon
  • The Life of Eibon According to Cyron of Varaad
  • The Double Tower: The History of Zloigm the Necromancer
  • The Scroll of Morloc: The History of the Shaman Yhemog
  • The Descent into the Abyss: The History of the Sorcerer Haon-Dor
  • The Secret in the Parchment: The History of the Thaumaturge Ptomeron
  • The Light from the Pole: The History of Pharazyn the Enchanter - with Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Stairs in the Crypt: The History of the Necromancer Avalzaunt - with Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Feaster from the Stars: The History of Yzduggor the Eremite
  • The Utmost Abomination - with Clark Ashton Smith
  • In the Vale of Pnath
  • Shaggai
  • Papyrus of the Dark Wisdom
    1. The Unbegotten Source
    2. The Polar Ones
    3. The Elder Beings
    4. The Great Race of Yith
    5. The City of the Archives
    6. The Coming of Cthulhu
  • The Acolyte of the Flame (A Translation of Fragment MXI of the Pnakotic Manuscripts)
  • From the Archives of the Moon
Also contains short fiction by Robert M. Price, John R. Fultz, Laurence J. Cornford, Clark Ashton Smith and Richard L. Tierney, and poetry by Richard L. Tierney, Michael Fantina, Ann K. Schwader, Robert M. Price, Stephen Sennitt, Joseph S. Pulver and Michael Cisco.

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