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Blindfold from the Stars. 1979
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Back to previous page Record Number: 33300
Blindfold from the Stars. 1979 Blindfold from the Stars
by Philip E. High
First Edition, First Printing 1979
Dobson Science Fiction
Dennis Dobson / Dobson Books
ISBN 0234721421
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover design by Richard Weaver
192 pages
Price: £4.25

Blindfold from the Stars, a novel by Philip E. High.

Published in November 1979.

Blurb – Jacket Flap
The conquest of a galaxy is relatively easy providing the aggressor has the necessary technology and, more important, a safe method of overcoming possible opposition without bleeding to death in the process. The Asdrake employed mutated micro-organisms which directly attacked the brain of the planet’s intelligent life – they liked this method. They could fight if they had to but were inherently lazy. This method had worked successfully on twenty-two occasions – why should it fail on planet 5/6/9. Sector 88. Sun system 46. “Tseudec” (Native name: “Earth”).

Casualties from the epidemic were astronomical yet, in complete paradox, it failed to kill a single human being – the side effects took care of that. And those side effects were beyond even the Asdrake’s imagination. The survivors on Earth found undreamed of complications in rebuilding the world with the use of their new psychic powers – and perhaps more important, were they new powers at all, and if not who had removed them thousands of years ago?

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