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Vestiges of Time. 1979
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Vestiges of Time. 1979 Vestiges of Time
by Richard C. Meredith
Playboy Edition 1979
Playboy Press
ISBN 0872165728
Cover illustration by Ken Barr
240 pages
Price: $1.95

Vestiges of Time, a novel by Richard C. Meredith – Part Three of The Timeliner Trilogy.

Two printings:

First Printing - November 1979
Second Printing - November 1979

Blurb – Lower Cover
Aliens have meddled with time, creating countless parallel worlds in the process.

But as Eric Mathers desperately skudds through a dazzling array of timelines, they crumble around him. The prophecy of a catastrophe in the far future is coming true now!

Eric’s survival depends on two things. He must follow the directions of a phantom force known only as the Shadowy Man. And he must travel to a parallel Earth in search of a true time machine. But to obtain it, Eric becomes the general of an army – of his own clones. And that is only the beginning…

Author's Note
The curious publishing history of The Timeliner Trilogy made it difficult for most readers of the hardcover editions to know where the various sequences of events began or ended.

I would like to express my thanks to Playboy Press, and especially to senior editor Sharon Jarvis, for giving the three novels that make up the trilogy this opportunity to exist as a concurrent series.

I also appreciate the opportunity given to me by Playboy Press to eliminate some of the errors , inconsistencies, and redundancies that existed in the previous editions.

And I offer a special word of thanks to Russell Galen of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency for his efforts to gain for The Timeliner Trilogy this unique existence.

To all and sundry who have helped, again, my thanks.

Richard C. Meredith
Milton, Florida
September 1978

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