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Butterfly Planet. 2000
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Back to previous page Record Number: 33740
Butterfly Planet. 2000 Butterfly Planet
by Philip E. High
Reprint Edition 2000
Cosmos Books / Wildside Press
New Jersey
ISBN 158715322X
Cover illustration by Ron Turner
112 pages
Price: US$15.00 / C$18.00

Butterfly Planet, a novel by Philip E. High.

Published in December 2000.

Blurb – Lower Cover
Look down into the streets, the buildings, the parks.

There is your battleground. Down there is the enemy – an enemy who wears no uniform.

He walks behind you in the street, sits with you when you eat and perhaps swims beside you in a public pool. He may ask you for a light, bow you into an hotel, sell you a flyer, or in another form, leave the smell of perfume on your pillow.

The enemy is young and old, male and female and he is everywhere. Could such a situation arise – or has it arisen? In this exciting story of the future, the author depicts a world at war. An undercover war, so skilfully manipulated that sixty per cent of the population are unaware of its existence. Yet daily, the casualty figures climb higher and higher.

Can you say that such a war is impossible? Can you say, when you have read this all-action novel, that it has not already begun?

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