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Run, Come See Jerusalem! 1985
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Back to previous page Record Number: 11660
Run, Come See Jerusalem! 1985 Run, Come See Jerusalem!
by Richard C. Meredith
First British Edition, First Printing 1985
Hamlyn Paperbacks
Venture Science Fiction
ISBN 0099428202
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
viii, 232 pages
Price: £1.95 / AU$5.95

Run, Come See Jerusalem! – a novel by Richard C. Meredith.

Published in October 1985.

Volume 8 of the Venture Science Fiction series.

This one’s for Fred and Shirley Brown

Blurb – Lower Cover
A breathtaking chase through time...

Centuries earlier, New Jerusalem had been Chicago. But now it was ruled by the World Ecumenical Church - a repressive theocracy founded by Allen Howard Dover... and governed by fear.

Eugene Stillman didn't like this world. But he was a law-abiding government time-traveller, not a rebel - until he met Melanie.

She introduced him to the delights of forbidden sex, she lured him into the underground - and presented him with a plan to prevent the very birth of Allen Howard Dover.

All it involved was murder... and a little trip.

Because of Melanie, the church made Stillman a hunted criminal. And because of Melanie, Stillman suddenly found himself on a horrifying flight through time - running back and forth through centuries to escape pursuers who were determined to follow him all the lives of his days...


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