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The Past Through Tomorrow. 1967
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The Past Through Tomorrow. 1967 The Past Through Tomorrow
by Robert A. Heinlein
First Edition 1967
New York
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover design by Ben Feder
667 pages
Price: $5.95

The Past Through Tomorrow, a collection of Future History fiction by Robert A. Heinlein.

  • Life-Line
  • The Roads Must Roll
  • Blowups Happen
  • The Man Who Sold the Moon
  • Delilah and the Space-Rigger
  • Space Jockey
  • Requiem
  • The Long Watch
  • Gentlemen, Be Seated
  • The Black Pits of Luna
  • "It's Great to Be Back!"
  • "...We Also Walk Dogs"
  • Searchlight
  • Ordeal in Space
  • The Green Hills of Earth
  • Logic of Empire
  • The Menace from Earth
  • "If This Goes On..." [Revised and expanded version]
  • Coventry
  • Misfit
  • Methuselah's Children [Revised and expanded version]
Also includes a further revised version of the Future History Chart.

Publisher’s Blurb – Jacket Flaps
Together in chronological order for the first time - twenty-one short stories, novellas and novels spanning


Robert A. Heinlein's "Future History" Stories

Over a quarter of a century ago, Robert A. Heinlein started to write stories about an imaginary - but highly possible - future. The stories poured forth in abundance and, because Heinlein is a meticulous craftsman who demands accuracy, he compiled a gigantic chart to keep track of his future world and the progress of its denizens.p> Heinlein’ s "future history" chart covered one entire wall of his study, and on it were recorded the dates of man's first step on the moon (1978 - see The Man Who Sold the Moon) . . . the period of Imperial Exploitation (1970-2020 - The Long Watch, The Black Pits of Luna, The Green Hills of Earth, etc.) . . . scientific achievements like weather control and manufacture of synthetic foods (2100 - "If This Goes On...") . . . first attempts at interstellar exploration (2125 - Methuselah’s Children) . . . and numerous other milestones, each of which was to be properly depicted in one or more "future history" stories.

In THE PAST THROUGH TOMORROW you’ll find a reproduction of Robert Heinlein’s master chart, plus twenty-one stories, novellas and novels that tell twenty-one separate and distinctive tales against a common backdrop. And what it all adds up to is a many-sided portrait of tomorrow - or, at least, of a tomorrow - and a bonanza of daring, original adventure by the dean of space-age fiction.

ROBERT A. HEINLEIN has often denied that the stories in this book are prophecy. Yet it is apparent that some of his fictional forecasts have already come true - not literally, but symbolically. The Roads Must Roll predicts urban sprawl, and anticipates the threat of a nation-wide transport strike, for example. As for the still-unfolding future, there are guide-posts and warnings here, snuggled beneath their mantle of drama and entertainment.

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