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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. 1985
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Back to previous page Record Number: 51980
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. 1985 The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
by Robert A. Heinlein
First Edition 1985
G.P. Putnam's Sons
New York
ISBN 0399131035
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Michael Whelan
382 pages
Price: $17.95

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, a World as Myth and Lazarus Long-related novel by Robert A. Heinlein.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the 1986 New English Library Open Market paperback edition, ISBN 0450393151. Cover illustration by Danny Flynn.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
In the beginning everything was pretty relaxed. Twenty-third century man entertains the woman of his dreams. A woman with a past. Many pasts. Century-spanning pasts of alter egos and altered genes.

An intimate dinner á deux in a deep space restaurant on a habitat where money talks and the musak of the spheres is piped into the low grav corridors of power.

Then, not half way through the meal: an invitation to kill, a sudden death, a frame-up and Dr Richard Ames, aka, Colonel Colin Campbell, alias Senator Richard Johnson, is off and running — along with the delectable Gwen Novak — running for his life through time and space. A trans-galactic space chase where reality is never ever to be trusted...

'A major work!'

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