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The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume I. 2011
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Back to previous page Record Number: 55340
The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume I. 2011 The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume I
by Robert A. Heinlein
Collector's Edition 2011
The Virginia Edition - Volume XXXVII
The Virginia Edition Publishing Company
ISBN 9781897350423
Leather-bound hardback
Cover illustrator: N/A
xii+viii+622 pages
Price: $1500 for the complete 46 volume Virginia Edition
Individual volumes not available separately

A numbered, limited edition of 2000 copies.

The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume I, a collection of non-fiction by Robert A. Heinlein. This volume was created specifically for the Virginia Edition.

  • The Last Adventure [poem]
  • Atlantis [poem]
  • Untitled Portrait Sketch [essay – with Sebastian Perreault]
  • Week-End Watch [short story]
  • Writing for The Lexington Observer [extracts]
  • 1935 Muster Notes [class reunion book entry]
  • How to Write a Story [essay – writing as Lyle Monroe]
  • Review of Green Fire [review – writing as Lyle Monroe]
  • Review of The Days of Creation [review]
  • Review of Shells and Shooting [review]
  • Review of Rockets: A Prelude to Space Travel [review]
  • Cockpit Canopies—Evaluation of [report]
  • NAMC Memorandum [memo]
  • Man in the Moon [essay]
  • America's Maginot Line [essay]
  • Dance Session [poem]
  • The Journey of Death [essay]
  • Death Song of a Wood's Colt [poem]
  • Three Wise Mice [poem]
  • Untitled Poem Fragment [poem]
  • Brave New World [poem]
  • Why Buy a Stone Ax? [essay]
  • Young Wings Letter-Article [letter-essay]
  • Saturday Evening Post Letter-Article [letter-essay]
  • Flight into the Future [essay – with Caleb B. Laning]
  • Tomorrow the Moon [essay]
  • Saturday Evening Post Fillers [anecdote]
  • On the Writing of Speculative Fiction [essay]
  • System in the Sky [essay – with Caleb B. Laning]
  • 1949 Muster Notes [class reunion book entry]
  • Review of The Conquest of Space [review]
  • Baedeker of the Solar System • [review]
  • Sworn Statement Concerning Robert Cornog [testimonial]
  • Author! Author! • [essay]
  • The Historic Novel of the Future [essay]
  • Review of Space Medicine [I] [review]
  • Review of Space Medicine [II] [review]
  • Preface to Tomorrow, the Stars [essay]
  • The Ever Widening Horizons [review]
  • Introduction to The Glory That Was [essay]
  • Ray Guns and Rocket Ships • [essay]
  • This, I Believe [essay]
  • Introducing the Author [essay]
  • Introduction to The Best from Startling Stories [essay]
  • A Method for Arranging All Fractions from Zero to One in a Single Sequence [essay]
  • Current Biography [essay]
  • Science Fiction: Its Nature, Faults, and Virtues [lecture]
  • Science Letter: Xenobiology [letter]
  • Who Killed Science Fiction? [essay – writing as Anonymous #1]
  • Appointment in Space [essay]
  • 1962 Muster Notes [class reunion book entry]
  • If You Don't See It, Just Ask: Preview for Playboys [essay]
  • The Happy Road to Science Fiction [essay]
  • Science Fiction–The World of "What If–" [essay]
  • Goldwater Radio Spots [radio ad scripts]
  • Draft for a Goldwater Speech [speech]
  • Letter-Article for Clifford Simak [letter-essay]
  • A Letter from RAH – Harris Children's Library [letter]
  • Accession Notes [manuscript inventory]
  • Statement by RAH [essay]
  • Playboy Interview [interview by Frank Robinson]
  • Interview for The Colorado Engineer [letter-interview by Joe Sencenbaugh]
  • Foreword to Beyond Jupiter [essay]

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