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The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume II. 2011
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Back to previous page Record Number: 56640
The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume II. 2011 The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume II
by Robert A. Heinlein
Collector's Edition 2011
The Virginia Edition - Volume XXXVIII
The Virginia Edition Publishing Company
ISBN 9781897350430
Leather-bound hardback
Cover illustrator: N/A
x+viii+464 pages
Price: $1500 for the complete 46 volume Virginia Edition
Individual volumes not available separately

A numbered, limited edition of 2000 copies.

This volume has the same ISBN as The Heinlein Letters: Volume III.

The Nonfiction of Robert Heinlein: Volume II, a collection of non-fiction by Robert A. Heinlein. This volume was created specifically for the Virginia Edition.

  • Forrestal Lecture [lecture]
  • Publisher's Weekly Interview [interview by Alfred Bester]
  • The RAH Interview [interview by J. Neil Schulman]
  • Letter to LASFS [letter]
  • 1974 Muster Notes [class reunion book entry]
  • Letter to T.B. Buell about Fleet Admiral Ernest King [letter-memoir]
  • A U.S. Citizen Thinks about Canada [letter-essay]
  • Heinlein's Personal Library Catalog [book list]
  • Liner Notes for Avalon Hill Starship Troopers Game [board game endorsement]
  • Are You a Rare Blood? [essay]
  • Liner Notes for Caedmon LP [talking book intro]
  • Letter-Tribute to Grand Master Jack Williamson [letter-essay]
  • Preliminary Notes toward a Handbook for Blood Drives [essay]
  • Letter Appreciation of Grand Master Clifford D. Simak [letter-essay]
  • Octagon Blood Drive Remarks [speech]
  • 1979 Muster Notes [class reunion book entry]
  • Some Applications of Space Technology for the Elderly & Handicapped [essay]
  • Telephone Interview with Ben Bova [interview by Ben Bova]
  • Open Letter re L-5 Society [letter]
  • Interview Conducted at the Robert A. Heinlein Day [interview by David A. Truesdale]
  • The Names of the Beast [essay]
  • Survive Magazine Letter Article [letter-essay]
  • Japan and Communist China (Ginny's First Trip Report) [essay by Virginia Heinlein]
  • Letter-Appreciation of Jack Williamson [letter-essay]
  • "Entotic" [essay by Virginia Heinlein]
  • The Rarest Blood [essay]
  • Northwest Passage Trip Report [essay by Virginia Heinlein]
  • Letter Appeal for Stanford Hospital [letter]
  • Agape and Eros: The Art of Theodore Sturgeon [introductory essay]
  • Citizen of the Universe: An Interview with Robert A. Heinlein [interview by Peter Heck]
  • Message to Berkley Sales Staff re The Cat Who Walks Through Walls [transcribed tape recording]

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