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The Howling Stones. 1997
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Back to previous page Record Number: 81260
The Howling Stones. 1997 The Howling Stones
by Alan Dean Foster
First Edition 1997
Del Rey / Ballantine Books
New York
ISBN 0345383753
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Bob Eggleton
332 pages
Price: $22.50

A Humanx Commonwealth novel.

Chronological Reading Order: #17.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the first printing of the 1998 Orbit paperback edition, ISBN 1857235320. Cover illustration by Bob Eggleton.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
The newly discovered planet of Senisran is a veritable paradise, its oceans dotted with thousands of lush islands containing vast deposits of rare-earths and minerals. But Senisran is also the Humanx Commonwealth's problem child, for each island is inhabited by a different tribe of aboriginal natives. Each has to be negotiated with separately for mining rights – and the Commonwealth is locked in a race against the vicious AAnn Empire to secure those rights.

The clans of the Parramat Archipelago on Senisran are resisting entreaties by the Commonwealth and AAnn alike. But Pulickel Tomochelor, xenologist and first-contact specialist, is confident of his ability to handle the negotiations.

What Pulickel hasn't counted on is the secret of Parramat: the strange green stones that the natives use to bless the crops, ensure plentiful fishing, heal the injured and ill, and control the weather. For within those stones lies an awesome technology the origin of which is lost in time – a technology that has to be kept from the AAnn at any cost.

Set in the amazing world of the Humanx Commonwealth, THE HOWLING STONES is an incredible adventure from one of the most exciting storytellers in science fiction.

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