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Darkover Landfall. 1978
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Back to previous page Record Number: 17180
Darkover Landfall. 1978 Darkover Landfall
by Marion Zimmer Bradley
1st British Edition 1978
Arrow Science Fantasy
ISBN 0099154102
Cover illustration by Melvyn Grant
160 pages
Price: £0.80

Darkover Landfall, a Darkover novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

First published by DAW Books in 1972.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
DARKOVER – planet of wonder, planet of mystery.

An alien sphere of strange intelligences; of brooding skies beneath a blood-red sun; a world where Earthmen have never set foot.

. . . Until a starship crashes, stranding its passenger« in this uncharted comer of the galaxy. Alien flora and fauna attack the unacclimatised invaders; enormous banshee vultures swoop from the sky homing in on the body heat of their prey.

And when the Ghost Wind blows, extra-sensory powers – long dormant in man’s chromosomes – come to life driving the explorers insane . . .

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