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Priest-Kings of Gor. 1972
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Back to previous page Record Number: 18230
Priest-Kings of Gor. 1972 Priest-Kings of Gor
by John Norman
Tandem Science Fantasy Edition, First Printing 1972
Universal-Tandem Publishing
SBN 42606285X
Cover illustration by Gerald Wood?
322 pages
Price: £0.30

Part 3 of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth series.

Publisher's Blurb
The third volume of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth

Tarl Cabot, Tarnsman of Gor, is determined to discover whether his beloved wife Talena has indeed been destroyed, together with Tarl's home city of Ko-ro-ba and all its inhabitants, by the all-powerful Priest-Kings of Gor. Though they rule the planet with an iron and absolute discipline, no one knows who or what they are, whether alien or supermen. None has ever returned from the Mountains of Sardar, the traditional stronghold from which they exercise their merciless rule.

Now Tarl is about to penetrate to the heart of that feared and impregnable stronghold, to risk unimaginable terrors in his quest for vengeance.

'The third volume in an heroic saga... mingles humans, the insect Priest-Kings and other creatures in a great subterranean war. The world seems a convincing whole, the many characters have character and there’s plenty of excitement'
Daily Telegraph

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