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Issue 62
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Back to previous page Record Number: 99562
Authentic Science Fiction. Issue No.62, October 1955 Authentic Science Fiction
Issue No.62, October 1955
Edited by H.J. Campbell
Hamilton & Co.
160 pages - Covers not included in pagination
Price: 2s
Cover illustration by D.A. Stowe (aka Derek Stowe)
Interior illustrations by John E. Mortimer


  • The Foundling Dummy by G.M. Feigen
  • Private Satellite by Jonathan Burke
  • Blow the Man Down by Julian Carey
  • Time for Murder by Sydney J. Bounds
  • Showpiece by Leslie Davies
  • Departure by Bob Shaw
  • A Star Called Tommy by Robert Presslie
  • Spaceborn by Jack Lewis
  • That Zamboni by E.C. Tubb
Also contains:
  • Editorial
  • About the Cover . . . Guided Missiles
  • The Human Centrifuge
  • The Way to the Planets – Part 5 – Laboratory in Space by A.E. Roy
  • News – Tapping the Sun by A.E. Roy
  • Modern Metals – Part 3 – Selenium by W.W. Byford
  • Tools for Tomorrow by Kenneth Johns
  • Roll Bonding – and Blowing
  • Are You Colour-Conscious? by 'Triona Law
  • Man’s Face in the Future by Frank Wilson
  • Scientists are People by W.W. Byford
  • Wonder Toy – Robots to Buy
  • Book Reviews – Fiction
  • Book Reviews – Non-Fiction
  • Projectiles

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