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Perry Rhodan - Volume 30
To Arkon!
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To Arkon! Volume 30
To Arkon!

by Kurt Mahr
Issued: January 1978
Futura / Orbit
ISBN 0708870058
Cover illustration by Peter Elson
120 pages

Translated into English by Wendayne Ackerman.

First published in English by Ace Books in 1973.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
After 13 years Perry Rhodan can at last fulfil his promise to Thora and Khrest, the aliens from Arkon who are homesick for their parent planetary system.

Five hytrans leaps, via the great spaceship Ganymede, and the Tri-Planets will be reached.

But in between comes interception!

The Naats! Creatures who lope about on all fours like monkeys. Three eyes peer from beneath leathery black skulls and of noses there seem to be none.

Rhodan and his friends are captured and their ship immobilized beneath insurmountable energy fields They must contact the Arkonide authority on Naat to negotiate their release so that they may go on to their goal.

And if Perry, Thora and Krest get to Arkon, the Arkonides will find that things have radically changed for them at home during their absence.

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