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Barsoom - John Carter of Mars - Volume 3
The Warlord of Mars
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The Warlord of Mars Volume 3
The Warlord of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Issued: July 1973
New English Library
SBN 450015831
Cover illustration by Ray Feibush?
160 pages

The Warlord of Mars, a Barsoom novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Part 3 of the Martian Series.

First published as a serial in The All-Story magazine in 1913-14 and as a complete novel by A.C. McClurg & Co. in 1919.

First issued by New English Library in 1973.

The identity of the cover artist is not confirmed but the general style and date of first issue are similar to The Chessmen of Mars, which is credited to Ray Feibush at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Again Edgar Rice Burroughs - the master story-teller who created the fabled figure of Tarzan - recounts the strange and wonderful adventures of Virginian John Carter on the Red Planet, Mars.

In mighty hand-to-hand battles he fights for his life with creatures undreamed of on earth - the apt, greater and more ferocious than the earthly ape; the banth that almost brought Carter to the end of his existence. And the horrible man-eating trees of the Kaolian jungle.

Once again we meet his old acquaintances, Tars Tarkas, Tardos Mors, and the faithful Woola. And the beautiful Dejah Thoris, Carter's princess-lover.

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