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Amtor - Carson Napier of Venus - Volume 4
Escape on Venus
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Back to previous page Record Number: 24280
Escape on Venus Volume 4
Escape on Venus

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Issued: August 1972
New English Library
SBN 450011682
Cover illustration by Richard Clifton-Dey
224 pages

Escape on Venus, an Amtor novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs based on four previously published short stories.

Part 4 of the Venus Series.

First published as a complete novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. in 1946.

First issued by New English Library in 1972.

Based on four interconnected stories first published in Fantastic Adventures.

  • Slaves of the Fish Men (1941)
  • Goddess of Fire (1941)
  • The Living Dead (1941)
  • War on Venus (1942)
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Carson Napier - astronaut-extraordinary - plunges deep into new adventures on the cloud-darkened planet of Venus.

By a ruse he had rescued his beloved Princess Duare from the tree city of the evil Mintep. In the only airship on the weird world they fled together, facing the most hideous dangers.

Before they can hope to return home, they must suffer appalling hardships, survive unspeakable dangers and overcome seemingly insuperable obstacles. Death rides always at their elbow and madness is their constant companion.

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