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Dumarest of Terra - Volume 22
The Terra Data
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Back to previous page Record Number: 24710
The Terra Data Volume 22
The Terra Data

by E.C. Tubb
Issued: 1985
Arrow Books
ISBN 0099357305
Cover illustration by Fred Gambino
176 pages

The Terra Data, a Dumarest of Terra novel by E.C.Tubb.

Volume 22 of The Dumarest Saga.

First published by DAW Books in 1980.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Only Earl Dumarest himself believed that there was ever a planet called Earth. He had been seeking it a long time – but nobody else at the crowded galactic centre believed in it. During his quest he had acquired some bits of information – a Terrestrial zodiac, an authentic painting of Luna, a general series of hints that he was getting closer.

Then he learned of a man on Elysius who knew where Earth was, and who had the special coordinates that would take a starship directly to it.

Though the man was dead, his widow knew where the data lay. But she demanded a price from Dumarest – a chore that involved a mining expedition which would bring her back a fortune . . . and for him the information he sought.

But the Terra Data would not be so easily come by!

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