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Dumarest of Terra - Volume 23
World of Promise
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Back to previous page Record Number: 24720
World of Promise Volume 23
World of Promise

by E.C. Tubb
Issued: 1985
Arrow Books
ISBN 0099376407
Cover illustration by Fred Gambino
160 pages

World of Promise, a Dumarest of Terra novel by E.C.Tubb.

Volume 23 of The Dumarest Saga.

First published by DAW Books in 1980.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Ascelius was a world whose prime purpose was teaching the knowledge of the thousands of other worlds – and housing great universities populated by students and scholars from all over the galaxy.

Such a world was surely the place to learn of the legendary planet called Earth.

Dumarest discovered that there had once indeed been a study group of Earth lore. But to find the remnants of it was not easy . . .

Not when the dreaded Cyber already had a toe-hold on Ascelius – and genetic engineering of man and monster was the latest fad.

But DUMAREST was not a quitter. Whatever the tests might demand, he would not give up . . . although it might mean death for others – or even for himself.

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