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Dumarest of Terra - Volume 33
Child of Earth
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Child of Earth Volume 33
Child of Earth

by E.C. Tubb
Issued: 2008
Homeworld Press
ISBN 9781607255765
Cover illustration by Douglas Klauba
188 pages

Child of Earth, a Dumarest of Terra novel by E.C.Tubb.

Volume 33 of The Dumarest Saga.

Portions of this work were previously published separately as short stories:

  • Child of Earth (first published in Fantasy Adventures #1)
  • Figona (first published in Fantasy Adventures #2)
Publisher’s Blurb
There should have been soft breezes scented with entrancing perfumes, the soothing warmth of a golden sun, lakes of wine and mountains of grain, trees adorned with fruit and bud and flower, shrubs bearing a profusion of glittering gems. Herbs and spices to provide freedom from pain, a return to youthful zest, an end of aging and decay. Salves and ointments and natural fungi to cure all physical ills . . .

For this was Earth, that planet of legend, the paradise for which all yearned and hungered to find. The world of joy and beauty and riches beyond the wildest dreams.

Instead Earl Dumarest found a landscape of unremitting hostility. Could this really be the fabled home world for which he had spent his entire life searching . . . ?

Child of Earth (short story)
First published in Fantasy Adventures #1.
2002, Cosmos Books / Wildside Press, ISBN 1587155133.
Cover illustration by Ron Turner.
Fantasy Adventures #1
Figona (short story)
First published in Fantasy Adventures #2.
2002, Cosmos Books / Wildside Press, ISBN 1587155141.
Cover illustration by Ron Turner.
Fantasy Adventures #2

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