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No Brother, No Friend. 1979
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Back to previous page Record Number: 11580
No Brother, No Friend. 1979 No Brother, No Friend
by Richard C. Meredith
Playboy Edition 1979
Playboy Press
ISBN 0872165647
Cover illustration by Ken Barr
240 pages
Price: $1.95

No Brother, No Friend, a novel by Richard C. Meredith – Part Two of The Timeliner Trilogy.

Two printings:

First Printing - October 1979
Second Printing - December 1979

An Author’s Note on page 236 of Vestiges of Time indicates that the text of the three volumes was revised for the 1979 reprints “to eliminate some of the errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies that existed in the previous editions.”

This book is dedicated to the memory of Jefferson Conan Meredith, May 1966–July 1975. One couldn’t have asked for a better son. . . .

Blurb – Lower Cover
An invasion from space in the year 4000 A.D. will wipe out all life…

That terrifying message is received by the Kriths, strange creatures from an alternative Earth. And so the Timeliners are formed: fierce commandos that skudd through alternate worlds, battling the present in hopes of changing the future.

But how honourable, really are the Kriths’ motives? This question and others gnawed at Eric Mathers each time he killed for the Kriths. Such disloyalty brought him a death sentence from his former masters.

Now Eric is hiding in a parallel line, waging the war he is so used to. But this time he kills for semifeudal powers invading the North American continent. His enemies are men … and sometimes not. If the answers are here, Eric will find them –or die trying.

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