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Eye of the Dragon. 2010
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Back to previous page Record Number: 75200
Eye of the Dragon. 2010 Eye of the Dragon
by Ian Livingstone
First published 2010
Wizard Books
ISBN 9781848311237
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Martin McKenna
Interior illustrations by Martin McKenna
407 sections

Fighting Fantasy Wizard Books Series 2a, Gamebook #10.

(Previously published by Wizard Books as Series 1, Gamebook #21)

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
The book you hold in your hands is a gateway to a world in which YOU are the HERO! YOU decide which route to take, which dangers to risk and which creatures to fight. But be warned – it will also be YOU who has to live or die by the consequences of your actions.

Forced to drink a life-threatening potion by a mysterious stranger, YOU must risk death itself if you are to have any hope of living!

Hidden in a deadly labyrinth beneath Darkwood Forest is the most valuable treasure in all of Allansia: a dragon made of solid gold. But one of its emerald eyes is missing. Descending into a maze of traps and treachery, YOU must solve the riddles and battle the foes lurking in the dark to find the path to the lost eye … and the dragon itself.

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