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Steve Jackson's Sorcery! 1983
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Steve Jackson's Sorcery! 1983 Steve Jackson's Sorcery!
by Steve Jackson
First published 1983
Penguin Books
ISBN 0140952373
Trade paperbacks - Issued in a slipcase
Slipcase illustration by John Blanche

Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, a slipcased set containing:

  • The Shamutanti Hills
  • The Sorcery Spell Book
(Steve Jackson's Sorcery! - Part 1)

Publisher’s Blurb – Side of Slipcase
Sorcery is the tale of a hero's quest … But it is no ordinary tale because the hero is YOU!

You stand before the Cantopani Gate, the last barrier between the civilized kingdom and the chaos that is Kakhabad, the dark land at the end of the earth. You are about to embark on a perilous journey – for your mission is to retrieve the Crown of Kings, stolen by an evil war-wizard.

You may choose to face your foes using the magical arts of sorcery (The Sorcery Spell Book will assist you) or wielding the power of the sword, but whether it is as a wizard or warrior you will need to keep all your wits about you as you set out on the most fantastic adventure of your life!

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