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The Trolltooth Wars. 1989
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Back to previous page Record Number: 76300
The Trolltooth Wars. 1989 The Trolltooth Wars
by Steve Jackson
First published 1989
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140324828
Cover illustration by Chris Achilleos
Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson
Map by Leo Hartas
304 pages

The Trolltooth Wars, a Chadda Darkmane / Fighting Fantasy novel by Steve Jackson.

This cover design was issued in two states, priority as below:

  1. Author's names in foil.
  2. Author's names in white.
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Goblins! Goblins! … We are attacked!
Take guard! … Ambush!’

It started with an ambush. When Balthus Dire's bloodlusting Hill Goblins mount their raid on the Strongarm caravan, little do they realize what dramatic consequences their actions will have. For that caravan carries Cunnelwort, a mystical herb from Eastern Allansia. destined for none other than the evil sorceror, Zharradan Marr! War – between two forces well-matched for evil –is soon to ensue…

As the war escalates, the Kingdom of Salamonis comes under threat, and a champion of the court, Chadda Darkmane, is summoned to undertake a perilous mission. Somehow, he must turn the war to the advantage of Salamonis. Somehow, he must prevent the bloodshed and chaos of a victorious army's invasion of the Vale of Willow.

Will Darkmane succeed in his quest? And will Balthus Dire's chaotics or Zharradan Marr’s undead prove victorious? The answers are here, in The Trolltooth Wars, the first Fighting Fantasy novel.

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