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Darkthrone. 1993
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Back to previous page Record Number: 76380
Darkthrone. 1993 The Zagor Chronicles: Darkthrone
by Ian Livingstone
and Carl Sargent

First published 1993
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140368655
Cover illustration by Iain McCaig
No interior illustrations
Map by Terry Oakes
[iv] + 204 pages

Darkthrone, a novel by Ian Livingstone and Carl Sargent – Part Two of The Zagor Chronicles.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
More terrible than evil itself

The great wars of Amarillia are finished, some say, the bone demon drawn to that magical land has been banished for ever. Yet the remnants of its armies maraud impoverished lands with few strong enough to stop them while, in the ruins of Castle Argent, an evil still more dangerous and dire than the demon itself is forming. It is now ready to take into its taloned hands what is left of the beauties and glories of Amarillia.

Darkthrone is the second tale in the epic Zagor Chronicles series, revealing the full horror of the necromancer s plans to lay waste to all that is good and true in a land of fable, majesty and deep magic.

Ian Livingstone, co-author of the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, brings you an enthralling new saga.

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