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Fighting Fantasy. 1987
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Fighting Fantasy. 1987 Fighting Fantasy
The Introductory Role-playing Game

by Steve Jackson
Cover Variant #2 - Dragon Header
First published 1987
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140317090
Cover illustration by Duncan Smith
Interior illustrations by Duncan Smith
Maps by Duncan Smith
240 pages

The original Fighting Fantasy multi-player role-playing system by Steve Jackson, this book contains two adventures: The Wishing Well and Shaggradd's Hives of Peril.

This cover variant was issued in two states, priority as below:

  • Author name in foil.
  • Author name in black.
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Fighting Fantasy – the bestselling phenomenon of our time!

Thrilling adventures of sword and sorcery come to life in the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, where the reader is the hero, dicing with death and demons in search of villains, treasure or freedom.

Now YOU can create your own Fighting Fantasy adventures and send your friends off on dangerous missions! In this clearly written handbook, there are hints on devising combats, monsters to use, tricks and tactics, as well as two mini-adventures complete with Games-Master's notes for you to start with. Fighting Fantasy is the ideal introduction to the world of role-playing games, and countless adventures await you!

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