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Blacksand! 1990
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Back to previous page Record Number: 78680
Blacksand! 1990 Blacksand!
Advanced Fighting Fantasy

by Marc Gascoigne & Pete Tamlyn
First published 1990
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140343962
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by John Sibbick
Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson
Maps by Steve Luxton
[vi] + 362 pages

Blacksand! by Marc Gascoigne and Pete Tamlyn is the second volume in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy series. As well as further developing the rules and concepts of AFF, this book contains detailed background information on Port Blacksand suitable for use in the design of AFF adventures, along with one extensive adventure: A Shadow Over Blacksand!.

This cover variant is thought to have been issued in three states, priority as below:

  • 'Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Present' in foil.
  • 'Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Present' in black.
  • 'Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Present' in white.
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Dare YOU enter Blacksand?

Sprawling like the corpse of some giant creature, Port Blacksand is a festering den of pirates and brigands. Unforeseen dangers lurk around every street corner and in every dark alleyway. Devious plots and crimes are hatched in every tavern. Thieves and assassins slip through the shadows. Ancient mysteries lurk in the cellars and sewers. But the infamous City of Thieves is also home to excitement and adventure beyond compare!

Now Advanced Fighting Fantasy allow YOU to enter the City of Thieves. As the game's director, you can guide your heroic friends through dozens of nerve-shattering adventures. Alternatively, as a courageous Hero you can seek your fortune in the City's labyrinth of thief-infested back-streets.

Blacksand! is the second volume in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy series which started with Dungeoneer. Many new rules and adventures are included, expanding your games into the dangerous city-states of Allansia.

Written by Marc Gascoigne and Pete Tamlyn.

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