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Back to previous page Record Number: 78820
Blacksand. 2013 Blacksand
by Graham Bottley
First published 2013
Arion Games / Cubicle 7
ISBN: None
Publisher code: CB77006
Large format paperback
Cover illustration by Martin McKenna
Interior illustrations by Iain McCaig
Maps by Steve Luxton and uncredited artists
100 pages

Based on Blacksand! by Marc Gascoigne and Pete Tamlyn, the second volume in the original Advanced Fighting Fantasy series, this source book by Graham Bottley adds new rules and concepts to the core AFF system.

In addition to the standard paperback edition, this book was published in a number of other formats as part of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign:

  • Signed and numbered paperback edition
  • Signed and numbered hardback limited edition
  • Signed and numbered leatherbound limited edition
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
The city that is port Blacksand is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, famed across Allansia… And it is also a place to find adventure and fame.

This sourcebook for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG brings you an in depth guide to the people and sights of this foul city as well as a whole host of new rules including:

  • Firepowder weapons
  • Sailing and Naval Battles
  • Life in Port Blacksand
  • A district by district guide to the streets of the city
Requires the Advanced Fighting Fantasy core rulebook

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